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Renew Your Chi With A Feng Shui Fashion Swap Cocktail Party

By Sebrina Zerkus Smith |
This Spring Cleaning Season, instead of tossing that clutter to the curb, create some positive energy flow with a DIY Fashion Swap Cocktail Party.

Spring is the time of year when many of us start cleaning and de-cluttering - especially our closets. But instead of tossing all that clutter to the curb, use feng shui to create some positive energy flow with a DIY Fashion Swap Cocktail Party.

According to the principals of feng shui, everything in the universe vibrates with energy, or “chi”, and every choice we make impacts it. Even the clothes we wear and the food we eat add to - or take away from - the amount of positive energy that surrounds us.

Followers of feng shui believe removing clutter can increase the flow of positive energy and improve your life. So this year when you do your spring closet-cleaning, invite some friends over for a few feng shui cocktails and fashion swap. Visiting with friends is guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you feel renewed. And with a few positive drinks and some new duds, you can spruce up your wardrobe and improve your “chi” at the same time

Clear the clutter

First, call your gals pals and tell them your plan. Give each friend a least a week to get her trades together.

Next, remove all the gently-worn and unwanted items from your closet. Clothes, jewelry, hats, handbags and even shoes. Make a conscious decision to release previous-owner energy your items hold. At the same time, get into the mind set to hold onto only what you really want, still use and still need. It’s important to let go of the rest.

With the current economic climate making us all a little more conscious of our spending habits, a positive-energy clothes swap makes good sense, even though it’s not generally accepted feng shui practice to wear another’s clothes. Because of the energy transfered with the garment, choose items that hold good memories for you. This will pass on positive energy to the next wearer. And remember, by repurposing your unwanted clothes, you’re taking care of others in your life and looking after the planet, and that’s always a good thing. By recycling your “cast-offs” and rethinking what you really need to add to your wardrobe this year, you’re promoting a healthy planet to go along with your healthy chi.

Launder or dry clean items you want to swap and fold or hang neatly. Store in an out-of-the-way place, so your closet is free from any negative energy and the chi can flow freely.

Set it up

Choose a comfy room for your party, one with many pleasant memories. You might also want to consult some feng shui guides to help with the arrangement of your party room. The arrangement of the room can greatly impact the energy flow and create a positive or negative experience. 7 Tips from a Feng Shui Expert or How To Feng Shui Your Party will get you started.

Set aside an area where your friends can deposit their treasures and where everyone will have chance to look, try on new finds and talk about what they’ve brought with them. Use this opportunity to connect on a deeper level by sharing stories about the items that are being swapped.

Feed your chi

One of the principals of feng shui rests on finding and tapping into your own personal elements. By having these elements - wood, metal, earth and fire - present in your home, life, work and diet, you invite and accept positive energy to support you.

So when you’re setting up your party food and drink stations, consider using these elements. You don’t need to go out and spend any money, because chances are you have all of these elements already in your home. A beautiful metal bowl filled with fruit, a cheery house plant, a candle, and even something as simple as wooden salad tongs will work. Be creative.

Next, feed your soul - and make your mouth happy - with some delish apps and drinks using feng shui principals. You can calm your inner hungry while you renew your wardrobe and catch up with friends. Make a cocktail for each element if you want. Try the Jade (Wood), the White Cocoa Mint Kiss (Metal), Hot Buttered Rum (Earth) and a Bloody Maria (Fire). (From intoxicated You can also find a neat feng shui zodiac chart to help you find your personal element here.

Or, try this spicy concoction from the The Feng Shui Cookbook by Elizabeth Miles:

Pacific Martini

1 long slice orange zest
1 Star Anise
1 Cinnamon stick
1/4 tsp fennel seeds
2 coins peeled fresh ginger
1 dried red chili pepper, split or a pinch of red pepper flakes
1 750-milliliter of organic vodka

Add all to vodka and allow to steep at room temp overnight. Then freeze the bottle for no less that 8 hours. Strain and serve in chilled martini glasses.
This drink showcases the intense yang energy of alcohol and the flavors of Chinese Five Spice. The chili adds a distinctive kick, so watch out!

A plate of Wonton Wrapped Shrimp will complement any of these cocktails. Find more feng shui recipes at

Get it together

Ask your friends to bring a reusable bag in which to carry home their newly found “treasures”. And after the party, donate any remaining items to a local shelter or charity, and increase your positive chi even more.

Make the most of time with friends and do a little good for the Earth as well, by recycling those gently used garments and accessories. And pass on a bit of good chi to someone else.


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