Live Green and Earn Points


  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    That happens to me sometimes.
  • Viola H. 10 years ago
    Getting ready to paint my this helped!!!! Thanks
  • Bettina B. 10 years ago
    Ok, well, let's not whitewash the gorilla of large mass and volume in the corner: DID it cover in one coat?

  • Juanita Z. 10 years ago
    i love green wagon
  • Tal F. 10 years ago
    You are far too harsh on yourself in defining what the "green wagon" is in the first place! If being on the wagon means always making green choices even when they are significantly less convenient, none of us are on it -- unless we're all biking the 20 miles to work every day, using reusable toilet paper, living by candlelight, and showering in dirty bathwater. Which we certainly do not do! Being on the "green wagon" means making green choices when it's reasonable and not terribly painful to do so.