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Eco Certifications

Eco Certifications

What They Signify

An eco certification is a form of environmental regulation. It is often voluntary, and a company or product becomes certified once they have complied with predefined processes or objectives determined by the certification service.


How They Came About

During the 1970s, when environmentalism was just beginning to gain traction, consumers began to develop an interest in healthier foods and environmentally safer products. In the following years, select companies began to market products that were “organic” or “eco-friendly,” but these were by and large niche products.

Demand for such products rose in the 1990s, as concerns about climate change and the negative impacts of some everyday items began to attract more attention in the mainstream. Responding to increased desire from consumers, more companies began offering these types of healthy and eco-friendly products. To ensure the quality, standards and regulations, third-party organizations began to certify products that wanted to make certain claims about their benefits.


How a Product Gets Certified

A company needs to apply for specific certifications, and in most cases, approval requires them to provide proof of environmental performance in ways that are relevant to the products they hope to certify. When a company or product earns its label, it leverages the certification to prove to consumers that its environmental claims and benefits have been validated.


How Certifications Help

Being verified and endorsed by third-party organizations does not simply help the companies selling environmentally friendly products, it also allows the consumer to understand the benefits and qualities of the items they purchase. While the specific benefits to the environment vary depending on the specific type of certification sought and earned, consumers can comfortably purchase products that reflect their values, concerns and lifestyles.


Here Are Some Common Examples:

Green Seal, ENERGYSTAR, USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, FSC Certified




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