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18 Eco-Friendly Family Tweeters

By Two Girls Go Green |
If you aren’t following this crew, you should be! They're all family-oriented and they're all full of green information.

If you aren’t following this crew, you should be!

If you’re not a part of Twitter's crazy little 140 character world, what are you waiting for? It’s a riot! And, more importantly, an unending source of information.)

I follow a substantial quantity of folks who regularly provide information on green trends. Below, I share my top 18 favs in the eco-friendly family category.

Check ‘em out – they’re worth a read – and most certainly a follow.

(In alphabetical order…)

  1. Crunchy Goddess
  2. Eco-Blogz
  3. EcoChildsPlay
  4. Eco-Friendly Family
  5. Eco Modern Baby
  6. Green Families
  7. Green Moms Carnival
  8. Helen Coronato
  9. KidsThinkBig
  10. Little Green Family
  11. Live Green Mom
  12. Natural Living
  13. Natural Papa
  14. Nature Rocks
  15. Otter Babies
  16. Sommer Poquette
  17. Sophie Uliano
  18. The Eco Chic

And while you're at it, don't forget to add Recyclebank to the Green Tweeters you follow, too!

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