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Eco-Friendly 3D Wallpaper Makes Bamboo Look Good!

By Trish Smith |
Discover a new and eco-friendly, textured way to update the look of your living space.

Discover a new and eco-friendly way to update the look of your living space

Whether you live in a college dorm, rent an apartment or own your own home, you can always count on being able to decorate your walls. Some people decorate their walls with cool pieces of artwork by artists whose name they can’t pronounce. Others plaster their living space with pictures of their most nostalgic and embarrassing moments. Painting a wall bright red is also another design statement, but there’s an even cooler, more eco-friendly option out there to add to your walls, and it’s called Wall Flats.

Photo from

Wall Flats are awesome 3D wallpaper designs created by Inhabit, a husband and wife design team that cares about natural quality products. They come in 18” x 18” tiles and are made from100% bamboo pulp. They’re also chemical-free and 100% biodegradable. To me they’re 100% cool!

Just imagine these amazing tiles surrounding your favorite rooms, like:

The office:

The dining room:

The living room:

The Mariah Carey “I will never be able to afford” room.

Photos from Inhabit

Did I mention they’re also 3-dimensional? This easy-to-install wallpaper can make any room look modern and stylish, and it also makes a bold statement about being green.

See, you don’t have to buy expensive paint that’s just going to ruin your clothes, and you don’t have to spend your life savings on a piece of artwork. Be creative, and give this biodegradable bamboo wallpaper a shot. Best case scenario: your house gets a green update. Worst case scenario: you have to drive to Home Depot.

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