Live Green and Earn Points


  • Sandra G. 5 years ago
    I use reusable cloth grocery bags but don't forget to wash them frequently. Especially if you are putting raw produce directly in them. Even the canned and packaged goods can carry bacteria from being handled by multiple people in the store. I just throw mine in the washer with the towels.
  • Ophelia L. 5 years ago
    We live in a condo on the third floor, so I try my best. I have a corner where we put all our recycling before bringing it downstairs and we use reusable water bottles and bags. I'm still working on ways to cut down on waste, and this website helps!
  • Yvanna S. 5 years ago
    In Philadelphia composting in an apartment building is very difficult. Most apartment dwellers have nowhere to put their compost and limited, if any, outdoor space. Keeping it indoors, especially in the summer is forbidden in many leases due to the risk of roaches. Indoor compost can also smell in a place without air conditioning. Due to the sheer volume of organic waste produced by lets say a family of three, indoor compost, if allowed, may not be practical in a tight space. Fortunately, most of the organic matter can be ground up in a garbage disposal and washed down the drain. Philadelphia actually encourages this. The organic matter is filtered out by the wastewater treatment facility and put in a pile on city land. Sort of like a city-wide compost heap. Trees are grown on top. This way most organic matter doesn't end up in a landfill and it is still put to good use. For things like banana peels that cannot be ground up many community gardens will accept compost donations. I just stick it in the freezer until it is time to pass it on.
  • Renay P. 5 years ago
    Nellie's laundry soda is made of coconut, is fragrance free and one bin lasts an eternity!
  • Edith O. 5 years ago
    I love my compost heap! I just throw all my kitchen scraps in there, cover with leaves, and a year later I have rich compost to add to my potted plants. I live in the high desert with extreme suwmmer temperatures, so if I can do it here, anyone can.
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