Live Green and Earn Points


  • Elaine F. 9 years ago
    I try to convince my kids about recycling.
  • Rebecca E. 10 years ago
    I'm really glad that so much awareness has been generated by sites such as and others to create a more sustainable Earth. I've never been the activist type necessarily, I mainly stick to myself and those around me to make sure we can help each other recycle and make smart choices for the Earth and it's inhabitants. I do have one negative point to make about this website though, I've seen Dasani's ads on here promoting their plant based bottle. While that's nice for the environment, it's quite unfortunate for a website to feature a company that is actively trying to privatize the water in impoverished countries in Africa and around the globe. Coca Cola is trying to turn water, a basic human need, into a commodity and make large profits off of it. Instead of buying bottled water from a large corporation, I think people need to realize what a filter could do to water from the tap. And quite honestly, much of the bottled water is as unfiltered as tap water. Bottled water is a waste of energy and money. We'd all be better off keeping money from companies like Nestle and Coca Cola, and instead get reusable bottles and fill them at home.
  • Towana D. 10 years ago
    We should celebrate Earth Day every day by recycling, reusing, and purchase eco-friendly products and service and helping our family and friends do the same. It will help us healthy wise to live longer and reduce do the illness that so much pollutions is causing to our bodies.
  • Jan S. 10 years ago
  • Jill S. 10 years ago
    Wonderful article
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