What Grows Around Comes Around

From sustainable forestry to responsible disposal, take a closer look at paper’s lifecycle from start to finish.

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Now that you’ve learned a lot more about where paper comes from, how it’s made and how it should be used and disposed, put your knowledge to the test with this short quiz.

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  • Caitlin C. 13 days ago
    I always crumple up paper and use it as a make-shift cat toy once I'm done with it. He loves it, and it saves me a ton of money on cat toys, which seem to get broken or lost within the first hour of him playing with them. My mum, who is a teacher, uses lightly-used paper as scrap paper for when her students need to do computations and such, or want to doodle during lunch.
  • Sara M. 15 days ago
    I hate that some stores are so archaic that you only have the option of paper coupons with them if you want to be able to use ALL, not only SOME of the coupons. I want to use all the coupons I need, and that means printing. Boo! Same with other coupon websites, like coupons.com. We should be able to load everything to our phones to be scanned nowadays!
  • Susan Y. 17 days ago
    I always use both sides of paper to print on depending what I'm printing.
  • Laura c. 18 days ago
    If given the option, I opt for an emailed receipt (K mart is great for this)
  • Katie D. 19 days ago
    I like to use digital coupons
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