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Your Contamination-Prevention Checklist 5

By Recyclebank |
We all want to keep recyclables out of landfills, but contamination messes that up sometimes. Here’s an easy way to make sure you’re recycling right! 

One of the biggest problems for recycling programs around the country is contamination, which wastes time, money, and precious resources. It happens every time non-recyclable materials end up in recycling containers, slowing down the process and causing the loss of recyclables to landfills. We all have a role to play to make sure recyclable materials are properly disposed of, so we hope this downloadable checklist will make that easier for you to do.

Print out this checklist and use it as a reminder: Before you put something in the recycling container, mentally go through the checklist. If you could check all the boxes for the item, then it's OK to recycle it. Post one near all of the recycling containers in your house to remind everyone in the family how to recycle right!


Quick tip: To help save paper, print on the backside of a scrap piece of paper. If you ever need to dispose of this checklist, please be sure to recycle it.

Once you’re done filling this out, show off how your family is putting it to use by posting a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #ContaminationFree

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  • Barb R. 7 months ago
    I live by this poem "When In Doubt.... Throw It Out!!"
  • Andrea S. 9 months ago
    What about those little air-filled plastic bags used to protect things during shipping? I just got one today, and it had a recycling triangle on it, with the number 4 inside the triangle. Supposedly, our recycler takes everything, so I guess this would be okay?
    • M S. 7 months ago
      That comes under the NOT: list as "plastic film (like shopping bags). Just pop them and bring them to grocery store or other retailer when you bring other plastic bags to recycle. : )
  • Michael W. 10 months ago
    Someone should get the US Navy clued in to recycle aluminum. If things have not changed in recent years the Navy grinds or crushes aluminum cans and dumps them into the sea. They bale plastics and haul them to shore so why not aluminum? An aircraft carrier can generate 4000+ soda cans a day, that is a lot of good aluminum going to waste.
  • Thepop B. 10 months ago
    thanks for all the help
  • Jose V. 11 months ago
    good to know
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