Live Green and Earn Points


  • Maria C. 1 month ago
    great information
  • Sue C. 9 months ago
    I was of the belief that some materials already contain recycled plastic in them already because the manufacturer would have to initiate the change when offering their products. That would be determined when they make a change to the packaging of the product or container they are offered in. If it saves them money to do it that way and use recycled material perhaps that would mean a less expensive product for the consumer.
  • Lisa G. 9 months ago
    Great article
  • joanna l. 9 months ago
    The best solution is not to purchase plastics in the first place.
  • joanna l. 9 months ago
    Even those plastic bags from the stores can be recycled...most supermarkets have a bin for them (its a no-brainer, you go to the supermarket anyway)
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