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Who You Gonna Call (About HHW)? 30

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best HHW disposal options.

Updated On 12/01/2016 | Originally Published On 10/19/2015
Who You Gonna Call (About HHW)?
Thanks for reading! Have you already gotten some questions answered by your city or hauler? Share your experience and the tips you received in the comments below.
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  • Bonnie G. 1 day ago
    North Carolina is my state.
  • Sally W. 13 days ago
    Lucy S. my state is California. I live in the high desert of eastern Kern County.
  • TAMMY F. 15 days ago
    we use a composite bin
  • Sally W. 20 days ago
    My state has a 5 cent surcharge on almost all drink containers. I have a recycle bin for the drink containers, a bin for regular recyclables, and a bin for haz mat waste. Our local land fill is open for 3 hours on the second Saturday of the month for haz mat waste. It also has a dedicated place to drop off e-waste. Used Christmas trees are collected and put in the man-made lake 30 miles away. Our sewage waste water is put in percolation ponds to replenish the aquifer. As a side benefit we are now on the migratory path for birds. We have one of the highest rates of recycling in our state.
  • M P. 20 days ago
    My small state has regularly scheduled days for Haz Waste drop-offs. I recycle everything that I can, even tho there are fewer "igloo" drop off sites. I compost all vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, eggs shells, and use compost for my small garden. I have so little trash I cancelled my pickup service. One problem is styrofoam. I have to save the egg cartons, packaging etc and make a special trip to the landfill - they have a bin to recycle styrofoam, and electronics.
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