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Who You Gonna Call (About HHW)? 30

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best HHW disposal options.

Updated On 12/01/2016 | Originally Published On 10/19/2015
Who You Gonna Call (About HHW)?
Thanks for reading! Have you already gotten some questions answered by your city or hauler? Share your experience and the tips you received in the comments below.
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  • PENNY P. 5 days ago
    Calling the city or hauler is a good idea that way you know if it's safe for them to pick up.
  • Pat K. 13 days ago
    We have a monthly hazardous waste facility for recycling. Have been using it for years.
  • Candace J. 15 days ago
  • Ken S. 18 days ago
    our county has a haz area for recycling; we call to make an apt; tell them what kinds and approximate amount; and they give us a time to come there and "deliver the goods"
  • Ila T. 27 days ago
    I live in Portland Maine. I called the Waste Company last week to find out some recycling questions that was raised from this site, especially plastics, and batteries. After talking to the wonderful woman there, and explaining how much I have learned from here, she is going to put a link on the town's site to Recyclebank so others can learn.

    Since I'm housebound due to health issues, she will come and pick up a large coffee can full of alkaline batteries and in addition, she will also come by every 3 months or so to pick up magazines to take to a nursing home where they will be recycled after the residents are through with them. Isn't is amazing what one phone call will do?
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