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Who You Gonna Call (About HHW)? 30

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best HHW disposal options.

Updated On 12/01/2016 | Originally Published On 10/19/2015
Who You Gonna Call (About HHW)?
Thanks for reading! Have you already gotten some questions answered by your city or hauler? Share your experience and the tips you received in the comments below.
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  • Jana B. 1 month ago
    This slide show would be more helpful if the first slide explained what "HHW" stands for.
  • Janis C. 2 months ago
    A semi comes to nearby church for electronics items-Ct.
  • Vickie L. 2 months ago
  • Melissa K. 2 months ago
    Most Lowes locations have a free drop off point for some HHW, I know they take light bulbs, and there's a couple other bins as well. Looking for a drop off day in your local community is always a good idea too - sometimes its free, or fee with a canned goods donation - win / win!
  • Karen K. 2 months ago
    I know dead batteries can go to battery stores. I have an electric scooter because I can't walk. So when I replace batteries on that, the baggie(s) of dead batteries from other things go in for recycling along with the big ones. I sometimes get odd looks, but I point out each time they're required by law to accept them.
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