Live Green and Earn Points


  • Eileen B. 1 year ago
    If I have something metal that can go to the scrapyard, I put an ad on Craigslist, or in a local "for free" section, and put it on the curb. There are people who make a living ( or some extra cash ) picking up metal things and taking them to the scrapyard.
  • Michael C. 1 year ago
    I am going to be taking 17.75 Lbs of tin cans away tomorrow, and put them in the city's recycle bin. All the money collected from these, go into the parks dept fund to help with play ground equipment for the kids. I don't mind doing it, because it helps defray some of the cost of buying new equipment.
  • Nicole U. 1 year ago
  • Floyd G. 1 year ago
    Silverware can be donated. Keys need to be put in the trash IF they are NOT usable,
  • Diane M. 1 year ago
    I try to recycle metal as much as possible. I don't like filling my trash with anything that can be recycled. I usually check behind certain things my family might toss in garbage.
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