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  • Cindy W. 1 day ago
    My community discontinued its hazardous waste drop off program. How can I find a way locally to dispose of them?
  • Esther S. 5 days ago
    How do you dry out water bottles before you recycle them?
  • Karen A. 6 days ago
    Good to know. Info i always needed but didnt know where to get it.
  • Daniel S. 15 days ago
    Once in a while our city if Margate South Florida we have a recycled program to conveniently drop off of house hold products.
  • Angela T. 15 days ago
    We moved into a new neighborhood and there are still many empty lots, so unfortunately we do not have a recycle program. However, we can drive to a facility to drop off oil, batteries and other items, it just is not convenient.
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