Live Green and Earn Points


  • Carole R. 10 months ago
    We are able to recycle everything except glass.
  • Annmarie R. 10 months ago
    I never knew this about metals!
  • Richard G. 11 months ago
    This was very informative.
  • Colleen K. 11 months ago
    I really appreciate this website--I have learned so much about recycling, why it is sooo very important now and in the future, and I consider myself a subject expert. I would like to know why some soda manufacturers cloak their date codes in mysterious numbers and letters?
  • Laurie M. 1 year ago
    I keep a small recycle bin in my kitchen, which I then empty as needed into the large bin that the hauler picks up once a week. Having the small bin in the kitchen makes it super easy to remember to recycle.
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