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Which Metals Are Accepted for Recycling?

Check out these tips to make sure you know what household metals can be recycled by your local MRF.

Which Metals Are Accepted for Recycling?
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  • Margarita G. 23 minutes ago
    Empty wine bottles make beautiful Christmas table center pieces when wrapped with leftover gift wraps.
  • Danielle W. 4 days ago - I use S'more & get paid for using my phone. It's stupid easy. Download with this link & get a bonus when you sign up.
  • Michelle S. 4 days ago
    use un-recyclable metals for craft/art projects
  • Amani S. 4 days ago
    There are special collection s for aerosol can. Search the web. Many schools collect drink cans also
  • Margaret M. 4 days ago
    Our community hosts hazardous waste collections, I save my aerosole cans for that collection
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