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Which Are Easier To Recycle: Aluminum Cans Or Glass Bottles? 5

By Recyclebank |
What's the better drink container in terms of energy savings?
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  • MariaL C. 8 months ago
    new information to learn
  • Marc C. 9 months ago
    I'm still amazed by just how many cans & bottles I still keep seeing on the streets, sidewalks, parking lots, etc... it makes me cringe! : ( My gym, Planet Fitness, only has 1 recycle can in the whole entire gym!! ... So frustrating... I always peak in their regular trash cans, & I can see cans & bottles in there! ...Sometimes, I just feel hopeless about if people even care about recycling at all, all people care about is to just get rid if it ASAP! ...The sad truth.
  • jessica s. 9 months ago
    That shocked me
  • carolyn c. 9 months ago
    i would of thought glass is easier to recyle then tin cans
  • Tracey M. 10 months ago
    what about when you compare plastic vs. glass? the problem with plastic recycling is glass can become a container again. plastic becomes bricks or mulch, right? I worry about how many recycled plastic products the world can absorb.
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