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Where Your Recyclables Go

Take a closer look at the journey your recyclables take after getting picked up at the curb.

An earlier version of this post was published on 02/19/2015.

What do you find most surprising about the recycling process? Share your thoughts below!

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This post, published on 02/25/2016, has been fully updated from an earlier version to reflect current information. An earlier version of this post was published on 02/19/2015; you can view it here.

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  • Renate W. 2 years ago
    What happened to all the points I already had ?
  • Lydia B. 2 years ago
    I found the way that items are separated the most fascinating!
  • Cory S. 2 years ago
    I think it would be fun and fascinating to watch a single-stream recycling operation in action, but the complex machinery and staffing has to significant cost to recycling programs, which are already so strained as to be unsustainable in many areas.

    I recognize that there are ways that single-stream programs reduce cost, such as not requiring separate collection runs for curbside pickup - everything goes in the same truck - but I do have to wonder whether it is truly more cost-effective, all things considered.
  • Hana A. 2 years ago
    I've recently seen postings about 100% recyclable "plastic bags". It is made of different ingredients. I wonder if this will come out to the public soon, and if it will work.
  • Susan M. 2 years ago
    I was surprised that it is such a lengthy process.
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