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When In Doubt, Recycle Mystery Materials? 5

By Recyclebank |

Is it better to take the gamble, and put it in the recycling container just in case?

Should you recycle something just in case it might be recyclable? The answer is: No! That's right. Contrary to what many might guess, it is actually a bad idea to put something in the recycling bin if you don't know whether or not it's recyclable in your area. This is because if unrecyclable materials find their way into a materials-recycling facility (MRF) they disrupt the recycling process and can contaminate entire batches of recyclable materials. Recycling contamination means lots of otherwise recyclable materials have to be landfilled, so we must all do our best to pay attention to what we're putting in our recycling bins.

If you have a mystery material, ask your hauler if you can recycle it in your bin. If you can’t find an answer, it’s best to trash that one item and save an entire batch of neighborhood recycling from contamination at the MRF.

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  • Carole C. 38 minutes ago
    Our haler has us put all marked items in 1 bin and unmarked ones inanother bin . their trucks are set up with a compartment to dump each bin into. Then the company takes it from there No hassle for us the consumer
  • barbara z. 2 hours ago
    San Francisco Bay coffee pods use recycled materials for all of their packaging. The pods themselves are made using materials that will break down in the landfill and not add to the amount of junk that remains forever. The coffee is great, less expensive and can be bought online or at Costco last time I checked. We get it both for its taste and its environmentally friendly practices.
  • Myra R. 8 days ago
    Dont forget to recycle
  • VIRGINIA L. 11 days ago
    I have Melitta Pods and it states it can be recycled except for the top piece which is a shinny paper. Is this good for the environment?
  • Bonnie S. 14 days ago
    Are coffee cans made of compressed paper with a metal top and bottom okay to recycle? Bonnie S
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