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What to Do with Old Tech

By Recyclebank |

Upgrading your gadgets this holiday season? Make sure you're discarding the old ones responsibly.

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Nice job! Have you e-cycled old gadgets? Tell us all about it in the comments below so first-timers can learn how it works.

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Love it or hate it, technology is a constant part of everyday life. And that means e-waste. A lot of it. But what is e-waste, and how much is a lot? Take this quiz and find out.


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  • Jennifer N. 11 hours ago
    I clicked to fast before reading all the answers; otherwise I would have gotten 5/5
  • Margaret H. 1 month ago
    Our community and those nearby all have areas for e-waste. Our Best Buy takes a lot of it for recycling and we have a center in a nearby community that takes everything else. We are fortunate as we can recycle almost anything very easily.
  • Ann Marie N. 1 month ago
    WHERE can I safely recycle e-waste?
  • Jean S. 1 month ago
    I always recycle my electronics.
  • Mykyta R. 1 month ago
    Thanks for the article)
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