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What's The Most Eco-friendly Way To Drink Coffee?

By Recyclebank |

Set an example for your fellow coffee shop patrons with your eco-friendly ways.

International Coffee Day is September 29th, and boy, do we drink our fair share of coffee here in the US! This means the use of throwaway coffee cups (the ones you get at most coffee shops) create an astronomical amount of waste nationwide — and they are not recyclable. That's a shame.

But you can be part of the solution! Invest in a durable reusable thermos or travel mug! Next time you're at your coffee shop ask the barista to pour your drink into your reusable mug. It keeps your drink warmer and you'll be setting a good example for others, while helping to reduce waste.

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  • Charles H. 2 years ago
    We reuse the cups at home.
  • Diane M. 2 years ago
    Dunkin is switching to paper cups soon. I bring my own water bottle and our mugs to work, also on my daily errands. Love water.
  • Cherie S. 3 years ago
    I use em to make ice. After they are frozen. I put em in a plastic bag n smash em to small pieces. The cup peels right off. I also use em for plants over n over again. When torn into pieces they make great stuffing for mice holes
  • D C. 3 years ago
    Honestly i see a WIN WIN situation!!
    Most places I go give you either a price discount or a larger drink size for the same price by using a drink container you buy from them!
    (a rare few will let you use a competitors drink container for the discount but you have to ask first!)
    And if you watch even free refills for buying the drink container or after buying so many drinks!
    "WIN WIN for all!!"
  • Roxanne A. 3 years ago
    GAWD now we have to "feel good" and be "socially-conscious" about drinking coffee? Can't we do ANYthing anymore without having to "feel good" or make a point about how cool you think you are by doing what's right? And the people who have to talk or brag about. Just stop.
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