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What's The Better Option For Wrapping Food: Sandwich Bags Or Aluminum Foil? 5

By Recyclebank |

Make a habit of using the one that's easier to recycle.

What's The
Better Option For
Wrapping Food:

Sandwich Bags Or
Aluminum Foil?
Aluminum foil is
better because it's
easier to recycle.

Just make sure
it's clean.


Aluminum foil is easier to recycle than plastic sandwich bags. In most cases, those sandwich bags get thrown into garbage and end up in a landfill. For those of us who are diligent with cleaning and reusing plastic sandwich bags: Bravo! Once you are done with them, be sure to bring them to a plastic-film recycling drop-off at your local supermarket.

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  • Amanda R. 5 days ago
    I enjoy using aluminium foil as a pose to sandwich bags. Not only is the foil easier to recycle, I feel like I get a better fit.
  • letty c. 8 days ago
    Can I put foil in a recycle bin?
  • Sarah G. 9 days ago
    Our co-op takes plastic bags for recycling. After we reuse them for awhile, we take them there. As a local co-op or grocery store if this is something they can start doing in your community.
  • nan w. 11 days ago
    I do not have a place to recycle them any way.
  • nan w. 11 days ago
    no points also on both. waste more water to clean them .
    • BenD@Recyclebank 11 days ago

      Hi Nan, 

      Thank you for your concern about water usage. It’s a good point to consider. However, according to Darby Hoover, a senior resource specialist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, “When plastic bags are reused, fewer plastic bags need to be produced. The production of plastic bags uses energy, water, and in most cases a non-renewable resource (fossil fuel-derived); reusing bags, even when you use water to wash them out, saves resources overall.” Here’s an interesting link you might like from Mother Jones that covers the topic in detail.

    • BenD@Recyclebank 11 days ago

      We're sorry you had trouble getting the points for this page. Please try again by clicking on the image, and once it flips over, clicking on the points button in the bottom right of the image.

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