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What’s The Best Option For Food Scraps: Compost Or Trash? 5

By Recyclebank |

What you do with your food scraps does effect the planet, whether for better or for worse, is up to you.

What's The
Best Option For
Food Scraps:

Compost Or Trash?
Composting is best!
It turns your food waste
into food for plants!

Trashing "throws away"
that value and produces
greenhouse gasses.


Composting is generally a simple process that you can do at home if you have a garden or a yard. Or many cities have programs for dropping off your compost at farmer's markets or community gardens.

What about meat?
Though meat scraps are technically compostable, because they are composed of organic matter, composting meat can pose a pest problem if not properly processed. If you're composting meat at home, do your research on how to prevent pests in your pile. If you give your food scraps to a composting drop-off, make sure they accept meat before adding it to their bins.

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  • Barb R. 4 months ago
    I feed all the wild and stray cats with all of our leftover meats and anything else they might eat. We have tons here in our community.
  • Aaron c. 4 months ago
    Composting is great and easy. We have a great pile and with some lime we get great nutrient rich dirt next season. It cuts trash weight by 70%! I also have turtles which eat a lot of veggie bits I would be otherwise composting. I keep pill bugs to feed them, they also eat veggie scraps and make good droppings for the garden. I also want to start worm farming which is another use for food waste.
  • mary B. 4 months ago
    compost or trash, how about stew .
  • Deborah P. 5 months ago
    I may sound a little crazy ,but I keep all my bones from meat and chicken put it in a used plastic bag and put it in the freezer . when I have a bag full I feed the turkey voluters. They have to eat too. Since they have been clearing a lot of land ,there seems to be less food. So I help another part of the food chain. Less waste in my trash and landfill. win win.
  • Betty H. 6 months ago
    Well, I have another solution. Besides composting, feed to our cows! They love bread ends! We get plenty of fertilizer from our cows and it's already "composted"! LOL!
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