Live Green and Earn Points


  • Seana F. 19 days ago
    A lot of scraps can be washed, frozen and then used with a turkey or chicken carcass to make a broth to can or freeze. Carrot tops and celery leaves can be added to salads or dehydrated to use in soups or casseroles. Over the years, we've also fed scraps to rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, hamsters and sugar gliders. A worm bin in the basement provides all the soil I need for my houseplants and growing some herbs/veggies in the window over the winter.
  • Maria C. 1 month ago
    great idea
  • Audra M. 2 months ago
    I wish I could compost but living in an apartment building makes certain things too difficult if not impossible.
    • Seana F. 19 days ago
      I compost inside using a rubbermaid container with air holes poked in the sides and lid. I put in a little dirt or potting soil as a base and stir in my scraps. Nothing too wet like lettuce or you get mold. I shred newspaper over top and put in a dozen or so red worms. Eggshells, tea/coffee grounds and so on work great. Mist the top every so often. I use this mix for my houseplants and to grow some veggies and herbs in the window over the winter. It may take a couple of batches to get a good system going but it helps some. If you end up with a lot you can't use, find a farmers market and see if someone would trade you compost for veggies.
  • Barb R. 7 months ago
    I feed all the wild and stray cats with all of our leftover meats and anything else they might eat. We have tons here in our community.
  • Aaron c. 7 months ago
    Composting is great and easy. We have a great pile and with some lime we get great nutrient rich dirt next season. It cuts trash weight by 70%! I also have turtles which eat a lot of veggie bits I would be otherwise composting. I keep pill bugs to feed them, they also eat veggie scraps and make good droppings for the garden. I also want to start worm farming which is another use for food waste.
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