Live Green and Earn Points


  • Gugi C. 1 month ago
    I have collected a box full of botle caps. Where can I take them or mail them for recycling? And how can I get points for them?
  • shonda c. 1 month ago
    I have learned a few things about recycling that I didn't know before visiting this site but I must say it is disappointing to see such few offers to use points. Please give some better options to choose from. I have been slacking off on this sites because it is very time consuming with very little benefits. Thank you for reading.
    • Sherry S. 19 days ago
      consider donating your points to a school. It's always fun to read about all the projects and choosing one that matches your interests!
    • Elena E. 19 days ago
      do all schools accept those points? I've never heard of this in my area.
  • Scott K. 1 month ago
    Now in farming, I have virtually no trash after recycling, compositing and chickens eating food scraps. What I will say is that, sadly, the rewards for this Recyclebank program are diminishing with less magazines offered and no gift cards currently available to purchase with points. Please make gift cards available again as this is a big motivator to use this program. Corporate sponsors please note your gift cards are highly valued and would encourage more usage of this program and contribute to your sales! Win-win for all. Thank you for listening!
    • Sherry S. 19 days ago
      See above. It's so much fun to donate your points to one of the participating schools. They have great projects that help the environment. It seems counterproductive to use points to buy more stuff.
  • Kathleen L. 1 month ago
    It's worth my time to recycle. Knowing I'm helping our planet is a good thing. There's enough waste. Just watch Wall-e the movie. lol
  • Kathy Hausbach D. 1 month ago
    We have never received rewards for recyling I didn't know anyone was rewarded for it.
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