Live Green and Earn Points


  • Sue C. 5 days ago
    I didn’t know that newspaper could be used in composting since it has ink on it when printed. I thought paper scraps could be added to a composting pile , paper plates, etc.
  • Wilma C. 6 days ago
    You can learn a lot
  • Donna R. 14 days ago
    I am very upset that all the points I was saving were taken away. If I would have known that was happening I would have used them. Now I'm back to square one. Not fair at all!!
  • Nancy M. 15 days ago
    Why were my points taken away?
  • Kathy Hausbach D. 29 days ago
    I recycle because I have Great Grandkids that I want to save the planet for, Besides my kids and grandkids. It isn't that hard to composted and recycle I have been doing it for years.
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