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  • Dana B. 3 months ago
    What do the grocery stores do with the returned plastic bags?
  • Lillie S. 1 year ago
    i like the kind of cloth bags that i can put in the washing machine
  • Isabel M. 1 year ago
  • Dawn A. 1 year ago
    I use both reusable cloth bags every place I shop. I hate the clutter that plastic bags create. I also like to make my own bags by reusing plastic dog and cat food bags. They are like a woven plastic material are sturdy and strong. Many easy patterns inline to make them.
  • Mary B. 1 year ago
    Don't forget the wash your cloth bags, especially if juice from meat has leaked in the bag. There are bacteria & germs over a period of time. Who's to say the person whos items were bagged in front of you, weren't wet on the bottom of their bags? Just a thought!
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