Live Green and Earn Points


  • Jeanne G. 4 months ago
    glass, aluminum and tin, paper
  • ROGER P. 4 months ago
    Aluminum for us
  • E J. 7 months ago
    Most recycled: Paper, because it's easy.
    Least recycles: Plastic, because it's difficult. Especially film -- liners and bags for everything nowadays, and it's confusing what can and can't be recycled, and where (bin, or grocery store?). Also a nuisance, hard plastic packaging (clamshell).
  • Stephanie E. 8 months ago
    Paper because there is more of it. I recycle most everything I can but I only have so many plastic or metal or glass things to recycle. Paper is everywhere although, like another person mentioned, I do add more and more paper to my compost.
  • Katrina F. 8 months ago
    We Have A Lot To Recycle Such As Plastic Bottles Water. And Dish Detergent Bottles. And Bleach Bottle. And Plastic Bags But I Didn't No U Can Recycle A Lot Of Other Stuff Until Now Upon Joining This Survey Thanks I Can Learn A Lot Now!
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