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What Material Do You Recycle Most Often? 5

By Recyclebank |

We know you recycle a lot, but what material do you recycle the most?

At Recyclebank, we’re always interested in learning more about our members, so we can help everyone to recycle right and reduce waste. Here’s another opportunity to share your perspective on It’ll help us work toward making your recycling experience even better.

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  • Stephanie E. 7 days ago
    Paper because there is more of it. I recycle most everything I can but I only have so many plastic or metal or glass things to recycle. Paper is everywhere although, like another person mentioned, I do add more and more paper to my compost.
  • Katrina F. 7 days ago
    We Have A Lot To Recycle Such As Plastic Bottles Water. And Dish Detergent Bottles. And Bleach Bottle. And Plastic Bags But I Didn't No U Can Recycle A Lot Of Other Stuff Until Now Upon Joining This Survey Thanks I Can Learn A Lot Now!
  • Kirsten O. 7 days ago
    I get all my magazines from here and when I'm done with them I turn them into origami plant pots for seedlings.
  • Beth O. 17 days ago
    Cardboard (corrugated and paperboard) are actually our most-recycled items but that wasn't an available option.
  • S C. 22 days ago
    I compost a lot of my paper/cardboard. Therefore I think metal is the one item we most consistently recycle, because
    a lot of types of plastic cant be recycled near me
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