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What Makes Household Waste Hazardous? 35

Did you know there’s a category of waste dedicated only to hazardous household materials? Learn to identify and handle household hazardous waste now!

Updated On 11/24/2016 | Originally Published On 10/08/2015
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Corrosive HHW (like battery acid) can corrode metal containers, and toxic HHW (like lead-based paint) is harmful or fatal when ingested or absorbed.
If you have HHW like leftover paint or motor oil, your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled for specialty collections or for drop-off locations.
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Nice Job! This isn’t a type of waste that gets talked about too often, so let us know how you deal with HHW when it’s time to dispose of it.

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When you come across materials that might be corrosive, toxic, flammable, or reactive, how should you dispose of them? (Hint: Don’t toss them in the trash or the recycling bin!) Take this quiz to learn how to ID HHW, and find out what to do with it.

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  • Azmina H. 2 hours ago
    Good to know
  • Marc C. 3 days ago
    Trump will truly ruin this country. :(
  • Gabrielle K. 14 days ago
    In a proper place.
  • Connie B. 20 days ago
    Our city has a HHW collection center. I collect paint, motor oil, tvs, batteries, etc. and drop them off several times a year.
  • Sally W. 1 month ago
    Whenever possible I buy non-aerosol bottles and reuse them all over the house. When the bottles crack or feel "nasty" I recycle them. I never reuse any pesticide spray bottle. Every second Saturday of the month we can drop off our hazardous household waste at our local landfill. They even have a dedicated place set aside for used electronics that is accessible all the hours they are open.
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