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What Kind of Paper is That?

After checking out this slideshow, you’ll know! From coated to sustainably harvested, here’s the skinny on common papers by type.

If the
members who
each purchase a notebook made from recycled paper instead of virgin fiber paper
Complete this slideshow to find out what the impact would be.
What Kind of Paper is That?
All finished! Awesome job! Feel free to flex your newfound paper knowledge gratuitously in the comments below and beyond.
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  • Libby F. 3 years ago
    I've always put my grocery receipts in my recycling bin. How do I know if that's a no-no?
  • Ka L. 3 years ago
    What makes for a sustainably managed forest? Not old trees, but quick growing trees that, as soon as they are harvested, another quick growing sapling replaces it?
  • Ka L. 3 years ago
    If paper has been bleached with dioxin, and after one or two recyclings, when the fibers are too short, then what becomes of dioxin bleached short fibers, even newspaper? They can be put into a compost? With dioxin? I believe I saw another recyclebank exercise that said newspapers can be put in compost.
  • Joan C. 4 years ago
    Wow, and I thought I was doing good putting all paper in the recycle bin.
  • FLORENCE P. 4 years ago
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