Live Green and Earn Points


  • JC G. 1 month ago
    Our city just began distributing designated trash bins for specifically recycling food waste. Question is: these bins going to attract pests and vermin before it's picked up, so now what?
  • Jenn H. 2 months ago
    Making a weekly meal plan, buying only what I need.
  • Susan S. 5 months ago
    I rarely throw out any foods because I buy a lot of fresh organic produce, meats, etc. which are more expensive. I try to buy only what my hubby and I can consume in a few days. If there is extra that we can’t eat and before it would have to be tossed, I make smoothies and soups or freeze items so we don’t waste food. Even when we weren’t eating organic foods, we did the same thing to not waste food.
  • yesica c. 1 year ago
    Buy what you need
  • Teresa H. 2 years ago
    Freeze leftovers into lunch or future dinners .

    also great to make extras and freeze for future meals
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