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What Is Food Waste Costing Us? 30

By Recyclebank |

Food waste means a loss of money and resources, but it also means a lost opportunity.


What do you do to prevent food waste? Share in the comments below!

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  • Juliefoo P. 6 days ago
    I work at a grocery store that often throws away good food.. i've asked if we could donate to the local food bank, but the manager says no "Corporate wouldn't allow it" --- is there anything i can do or say to the manager to get him to change his mind? I feel guilty perfectly good food goes to waste :(
  • Stefani W. 10 days ago
    Once a month challenge myself to use what I have: fridge, freezer and pantry. No shopping allowed. I also plan my meals around what I have already. Less waste. And keeps my grocery bill lower.
  • John P. 11 days ago
    We have a leftovers day and we give food to our daughter.
  • Ron A. 11 days ago
    Why is Time magazine no longer available and how about adding The Week
  • Sally M. 16 days ago
    Always bring my left overs home from eating out. Use left over food to feed feral cats/birds etc.
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