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  • Floyd G. 1 year ago
    The idea of keeping scrap metal out of landfills is a great suggestion. Try to recycle if possible.
  • Nicole U. 1 year ago
  • della s. 1 year ago
    Never thought about recycling old house keys. Got tons of old keys laying around that goes to various things no longer useable. Now know what to do with them. Great!!!!
  • julie b. 1 year ago
    Your dry cleaner will gladly take the metal coat hangers. I prefer other types of hangers over these anyway.
  • Rachel B. 1 year ago
    I beg to differ. My husband works for a huge apartment complex, and they take everything to the scrap yard. Keys, metal pans, cast iron pans. I think it's best to recycle them than to give them to Goodwill. What if whoever it is buys the product, then they don't want it anymore, and they toss it in the trash. That lands in the landfill. It's better to recycle it right away.
    • Heather H. 1 year ago
      Perhaps I’m missing something about your reasoning, but I’m thinking that donating useable items to Goodwill makes very good sense because people who need a pan, etc. can buy a used one at Goodwill....whether they end up recycling it or not. The alternative is them buying a brand new item and then possibly not recycling that one. The energy and resources to make a brand new item is much harder on the environment.
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