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What Have You Learned From Recyclebank? 5

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  • Deb B. 1 month ago
    I appreciate the info shared - AND the knowledge that helps me know what questions to ask!
  • Heather B. 2 months ago
    There's obviously a problem with haulers not communicating specifics about what can and can't be successfully recycled and what they can really accept. The majority of people here are saying they Mostly learned here about what can be recycled... which is something their haulers should be telling them. It makes me very suspicious about what really makes it to the recycling centers vs. the landfills, when haulers don't care to make sure their customers are told all the specifics.
  • Laura and Doug A. 3 months ago
    I am confused about how much rinsing/cleaning is necessary for recyclable food containers before putting them in the recycling bin. One thing I read on this site said that containers should be free of grease and have no food residue. Another thing I read said that a quick rinse was enough. Peanut butter jars are the big question mark for me here. A quick rinse hardly does anything to clean the jar. It would take soap, water, and a little scrubbing to get it clean. How clean does it have to be? If it needs to be washed well so that it doesn't contaminate other recyclables, then I will just be throwing those in the trash. It's too much time/trouble to wash them well. I hope you will address this issue in an article soon. Thanks!
  • Megan S. 3 months ago
    I recently joined, but I can already tell I love this site. It's not only helpful and educational, but a good reminder of the impact that being eco-friendly has. I try to be eco-friendly as much as possible and sites/articles/quizzes like these remind me of the importance being eco-friendly has on the world! Thank you!
  • Bonnie C. 4 months ago
    Site keeps telling me to confirm email address. Th email isn't in spam or in box. I have tried 5 times by hitting the resend button. Help please??!!
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