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What Grows Around Comes Around

From sustainable forestry to responsible disposal, take a closer look at paper’s lifecycle from start to finish.

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Now that you’ve learned a lot more about where paper comes from, how it’s made and how it should be used and disposed, put your knowledge to the test with this short quiz.

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  • Daniel W. 29 days ago
    In our household my wife is the major recycle junkie, growing up in a small community that was recycling before most communities knew what it was. She always makes scrap packs out of used paper so it gets used up fully. We shred & use it for packing for our sons eBay business. She's always been gun-ho, which is great.
  • MaryAnn A. 1 month ago
    I always use the envelopes that come in the mail for making lists, and when I print something and am done with it, I use the other side. Then after it's served more than one purpose, I recycle it.
  • Twyla L. 3 months ago
    "Junk" mail that is standard letter size and is only printed on one side can be used to print coupons on your computer. This not only provides another use for the paper, but saves YOU money on buying printer paper for this purpose.
  • Lucy M. 3 months ago
    When it comes to print or not to print, hit the "Print" command and then choose "PDF." You will get a PDF copy that you can store on your computer and print only if the need arises. And it's far easier to locate than various pieces of paper.
  • Neha P. 3 months ago
    I am grateful for the efforts recycle bank is putting ,for making us aware. As there are so many facts about recycling .
    I wish there should be a curriculum in schools and colleges for recycling and reusing .It feel so good to do our part in responsible recycling.
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