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What Grows Around Comes Around 55

From sustainable forestry to responsible disposal, take a closer look at paper’s lifecycle from start to finish.

Pledge to make smart choices with renewable resources.
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Now that you’ve learned a lot more about where paper comes from, how it’s made and how it should be used and disposed, put your knowledge to the test with this short quiz.

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  • ALICIA M. 4 days ago
    I love this program, find it a valuable tool
  • George Z. 25 days ago
    Can paper from a shredder e recycled?
  • Joseph B. 28 days ago
    We cut our names off mags and bring them to local hosp and nursing homes.
  • Janet G. 1 month ago
    My parents were children of the Great Depression and they taught us many lessons in how to make it do or do without. We have used newspapers for gift wrap and book covers since we were children. I use newspapers to make walkways in my garden. My feet stay fairly clean, the weeds are stopped and it all tills under for nest year's garden.
  • agnes f. 3 months ago
    How can I give my points to some one/place that can use them?
    Agnes F
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