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What Grows Around Comes Around 55

From sustainable forestry to responsible disposal, take a closer look at paper’s lifecycle from start to finish.

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Now that you’ve learned a lot more about where paper comes from, how it’s made and how it should be used and disposed, put your knowledge to the test with this short quiz.

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  • Scrungee H. 21 days ago
    I reuse the grocery brown paper sacks for gift wrapping paper.
  • robin d. 1 month ago
    newspapers can mke good wrapping paper especially the funnys
  • Virginia L. 2 months ago
    There is a wonderful craft project called Iris Folding. It began by folding the printed lining of business envelopes. I love to re use wrapping paper. you can get instruction online or books on it
  • Joanne H. 2 months ago
    I reuse the back of paper printouts for grocery lists.
  • Daniel W. 3 months ago
    In our household my wife is the major recycle junkie, growing up in a small community that was recycling before most communities knew what it was. She always makes scrap packs out of used paper so it gets used up fully. We shred & use it for packing for our sons eBay business. She's always been gun-ho, which is great.
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