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What For You Is The Most Difficult Part Of Recycling Right? 5

By Recyclebank |

Recycling can be hard sometimes. We want to know what is hard for you, so we can help make recycling easier.

At Recyclebank, we’re always interested in learning more about our members, so we can help everyone to recycle right and reduce waste. Here’s another opportunity to share your perspective on It’ll help us work toward making your recycling experience even better.

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  • Susan P. 4 days ago
    Poor communications by our local waste firm. Only a tiny fraction will ever call with questions. If you don't make it easy for people, they'll do what's most convenient for them.
  • Eileen Y. 25 days ago
    Definitely hardest recycling things that aren't in the main categories
  • donna t. 28 days ago
    Where I live there are no recycling centers. Our town does not recycle. I try to recycle cans and tin by giving them to others that take them out of town.
  • Mary F. 29 days ago
    I’m still not sure if it’s ok to keep my recyclables inside a tall plastic kitchen garbage bag or do I need to dump the contents of the bag directly into the blue recycle container?
    • Amy K. 17 days ago
      I don't think it's OK to use the plastic bag. I know that plastic grocery bags are contaminants to the recycling process, so I would think regular trash bags are too. I just dump right into the container.
  • Michael W. 1 month ago
    I’m a pharmacist and I think it is such a shame that you guys don’t make it mandatory for businesses to recycle. The amount of plastic bottles thrown out in the regular garbage is disgusting. I know the answer is for me to start a recycling program at my job but it’s physically impossible for me to haul that much plastic home on a regular basis. You guys should really work on expanding the program to businesses immediately. I’m sure there’s a lot of red tape and political reasons, but all of that is nonsense compared to the impact to the environment. If you guys are as serious as you sound how could you ignore this issue???
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