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What For You Is The Most Difficult Part Of Recycling Right? 5

By Recyclebank |

Recycling can be hard sometimes. We want to know what is hard for you, so we can help make recycling easier.

At Recyclebank, we’re always interested in learning more about our members, so we can help everyone to recycle right and reduce waste. Here’s another opportunity to share your perspective on It’ll help us work toward making your recycling experience even better.

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  • Debbie G. 1 day ago
    I can’t see the symbols without my glasses!
  • Lillie S. 5 days ago
    If a box (kind of shiny) does NOT have the recycle symbol on it, can it be recycled?
  • Colleen D. 5 days ago
    The most difficult part is not having a recycler within 70 miles of home. Also, the local garbage service doesn't have recycling bins for our area. It's almost as if they don't want us to recycle.
  • Ginger B. 7 days ago
    Cleaning the items.
  • Nicholas c. 7 days ago
    I agree with Anna, the most difficult task of recycling for me is the amount of water it takes to clean the items.
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