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What Do You Know About Clothing & Textiles? 20

By Recyclebank |

The clothes we buy, and how we dispose of them, make a huge environmental impact.

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How often do you cycle through clothing? Share in the comments below!

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  • mary g. 1 day ago
    I go through my clothes once a year and either recycle them into our useful things or give them to charity.
  • Eva E. 12 days ago
    Resell ur clothes before they get trashy..I made so much money selling clothes on apps like Poshmark!
  • ava o. 17 days ago
    Donate! Donate! Every one loves a good bargain and one of a kind outfits!
  • tommy b. 22 days ago
  • Audra M. 23 days ago
    I never thought about how to get rid of textiles properly, I would just throw them out with the garbage. Now I know! And a friend of ours lives in a city where they do textile recycling so we can give our “garbage” textiles to him and they’ll get handled the right way.
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