Live Green and Earn Points


  • Michelle L. 4 months ago
    Donate textiles and clothes to any H&M retail store. They'll give you a 15% of coupon for each bag of clothes you donate. H&M uses the clothes to make new clothes as part of their Conscious clothing line.
  • Ashari D. 4 months ago
    I just got ripped points on this one, Recyclebank! A pair of socks or shoes in my closet with holes in them is NOT textile waste, only the shirt I throw away is! Until they are thrown away the other 2 are NOT textile waste. If they sit in my closet forever they are not waste, only space takers! As for getting rid of them, I hit 2 HUGE swap meets a year and a few smaller ones. This is how I get and get rid of 90% of my clothing.
    • richard r. 3 months ago
      you get the points whether you answer right or wrong...but I agree with you; my holey items become rags first, etc.
  • mary g. 5 months ago
    I go through my clothes once a year and either recycle them into our useful things or give them to charity.
  • Eva E. 5 months ago
    Resell ur clothes before they get trashy..I made so much money selling clothes on apps like Poshmark!
  • ava o. 5 months ago
    Donate! Donate! Every one loves a good bargain and one of a kind outfits!
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