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  • Susan Z. 1 year ago
    When need to I send my Bose CDC player back for cleaning and upgrading. Great company, customer service very polite, They even sent back my CD cover in a paper sleeve .

    back to me that was caught in the machine.
  • Grace B. 1 year ago
    I've bought all of my computers (Dell, HP, & Apple) refurbished as well as my iPod, two iPad's and my last cell phone (LG). Only once did I receive an item that was DOA. Every other time the electronics I purchased worked right out of the box and are still working today (my iPod I bought roughly 10 years ago and it's still going strong). I saved HUGE each time and got just what I needed.
  • Paulette M. 1 year ago
    I just bought a refurbished Mac Book Pro from the Sell Your Mac store in Blue Ash, Ohio. They buy broken Apple products and repair and re-sell them. They bought my broken 2011 Mac Book Pro after I purchased a newer one. (Didn't get much for it due to the display screen needing to be replaced and the USB ports not working, but I was happy to know it will either get fixed or they'll recycle the parts responsibly.) .
  • B A. 1 year ago
    Why is e-waste being sent to Kenya? Keep that shit in the US where it belongs.
  • Jenny S. 1 year ago
    In the Chicago suburbs, there's a great business called "The Macnician"- he refurbishes and repairs Apple products.
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