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What Are Plastics, Really?

Find out a little bit about what makes a plastic, a plastic — it will help you make better recycling decisions later on!

Updated On 11/02/2017 | Originally Published On 09/11/2015

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Polymers, AKA chemical chains of repeating molecules, are the building blocks of all plastics.
Because different types of plastics have distinct chemical properties, some can be melted down to make new products and some cannot.
Since there are so many different types of plastics, you should always check with your city or hauler for their specific rules and guidelines.
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When man-made plastics were first introduced, Abe Lincoln was president of the US — that’s how old this material is! Today, there are many different types of plastic used for many different applications. Let’s look at where they come from and what makes them different with this short quiz.

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