Live Green and Earn Points


  • Eileen B. 3 months ago
    "Eating everything so there are no scraps" may seem unrealistic, but that shouldn't make it a wrong answer.
  • Melissa M. 4 months ago
    I don't compost pizza boxes. They contain PFOS that it really hasn't been determined yet if they breakdown in the process or the environmental/health effects.
  • E J. 5 months ago
    Our town collects grass clippings and leaves for composting, and branches for mulching. Garbage haulers take most rcyclables, and there's also a regional HHW collection facility.
    But we're on our own for food scrap composting. Any articles here to help one get started?
  • Sue C. 5 months ago
    I have found that composting egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit peels, and more is naturally compostable. Additionally with curbside recycling, taking bottles and cans to recycling machines, using reusable bags at the supermarket and keeping as much plastic out of the garbage as possible I have cut back on the garbage I put out each week substantially. It actually feels good to get that far thanks to all the advice on this website that gave me the knowledge to do so.
  • Donna E. 5 months ago
    We have trash pick up twice a wee, but barely find enough trash for once a week, but our recycling container is always full, and our compost is constantly filling up.
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