Live Green and Earn Points


  • Gaby G. 16 hours ago
    This is fun . I love all the stuff I am learning
  • Deanna M. 1 month ago
    It’s amazing how much water is used in chocolate production.
  • Paul S. 1 month ago
    Much to learn
  • Carly J. 1 month ago
    Is it correct in saying that 450 gallons of water are used to make ONE 3.5 oz bar of chocolate??
    That is insane!
    • Barbara B. 1 month ago
      It said that it takes 450 gallons of water to produce one 3.5 oz chocolate bar. That would be a pure chocolate bar used to make chocolate chips, cocoa powder ECT.
  • Jan E. 1 month ago
    Wow, imagine how much water was used for all those pounds of chocolate you see! Thank you for this information and for the extra points.
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