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Water for Chocolate

By Recyclebank |

Before cracking into a new heart-shaped box, let’s take a look at the sustainable considerations around chocolate.

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Almost all of the world’s cocoa is grown within a 10-degree latitude band around the equator.
As you might know, chocolate is pretty water intensive. Guess how many gallons of water are needed to produce an average 3.5oz chocolate bar?
Can labels like the Rainforest Alliance or Fair Trade mean that the chocolate products are definitely made more sustainably?
Since millions of farmers grow cocoa on small plots of land, it’s almost impossible to guarantee that chocolate products are 100% sustainable.
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Instead of boycotting chocolate or taking any of this information to the extreme, all we’re asking the community to do is to take a moment of gratitude for all of the resources required to make the V-Day treats we know and love.

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Holidays tend to bring out our indulgent side, and at Recyclebank, we definitely love chocolate as much as the next person. But before we all break into V-Day’s most popular treat, let’s make sure we really appreciate how special—and resource-intensive—this product really is.


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  • Paul S. 2 days ago
    Much to learn
  • Carly J. 4 days ago
    Is it correct in saying that 450 gallons of water are used to make ONE 3.5 oz bar of chocolate??
    That is insane!
    • Barbara B. 3 days ago
      It said that it takes 450 gallons of water to produce one 3.5 oz chocolate bar. That would be a pure chocolate bar used to make chocolate chips, cocoa powder ECT.
  • Jan E. 7 days ago
    Wow, imagine how much water was used for all those pounds of chocolate you see! Thank you for this information and for the extra points.
  • Andy G. 8 days ago
    This was very interesting information, would have never thought it took that much water to process chocolate.
  • Audrey N. 10 days ago
    My brother spent three months in Colombia on a coffee farm that also grew cocoa beans and his videos were crazy of everything they had to do to harvest the beans.
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