Live Green and Earn Points


  • Donna D. 10 days ago
    Stumbled upon this article and got 15 points! If I only knew what to do with all the points I have....would love some of the old rewards that used to be offered.
  • ALEX R. 3 years ago
    That would be a chemistry test that involves 1 large test tube and rack, chlorine to add to the liquid to precipitate out the Potassium, an accurate scale, filter paper and funnel (to collect the KCl precipitate and to dry it on) and a calculator to do the math.
    Many commercial labs will do a Potassium test for you (here they cost between 25 and 50 dollars for the singular test).
  • Jeffrey C. 3 years ago
    good idea
  • Linda W. 3 years ago
    I have a composting area, and it's taking its sweet old time creating any 'compost', but I know I need to chop up larger pieces of vegetable matter to make it all break down. Just lazy!
  • Nafeesha J. 3 years ago
    I think this is a great idea
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