Live Green and Earn Points


  • Gena Z. 5 months ago
    I make it a habit to buy used everything where ever possible and buy only absolute needed new stuff I love my planet and my country and my future generations.
  • Rebecca D. 5 months ago
    Why is it so difficult to recycle old TV's, computers, etc...?
  • Tracey R. 5 months ago
    How do I get a new sticker for my recycling bin?
  • Joe B. 7 months ago
    Honestly, I keep old phones as photo albums. These days it is the camera, so pop out the battery, put on a shelf in basement.
  • Jennifer M. 7 months ago
    Just another idea for this one, we cleaned out our office and found really old cell phones. They were actually corroding. We called a local recycling company that shreds certain electronics and then recycles the scrap metal to get rid of them.
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