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To Refurbish Or E-Cycle That Old Cell Phone? 20

By Recyclebank |

E-cycling and refurbishment are two different solutions to the problem of e-waste. Learn more!


Have you purchased refurbished tech before? Share your experience in the comments below!

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  • Joe B. 2 days ago
    Honestly, I keep old phones as photo albums. These days it is the camera, so pop out the battery, put on a shelf in basement.
  • Jennifer M. 8 days ago
    Just another idea for this one, we cleaned out our office and found really old cell phones. They were actually corroding. We called a local recycling company that shreds certain electronics and then recycles the scrap metal to get rid of them.
  • SHIRLEY A. 18 days ago
    I buy and am currently using a used laptop
  • Germaine W. 27 days ago
    I heard that bottle tops, though plastic, should not be put in the recycle bin. What about metal jar tops. Glass jars go directly to the depository, not in the bin for collection. What about those larger metal lids?
  • Marc R. 29 days ago
    The annoying problem with cell phones is that, after two or three years, they grow obsolete even if they should work fine. As the operating system and built in apps get updated, it runs very slowly and there is no room for anything else. And, many updated apps will only work with the last two or three versions of the operating system, forcing you to replace your phone. My six year old Windows 10 laptop works fine. My six year old Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) phone is junk. There's no point in refurbishing a long-outdated Android or iOS phone if it can't run any current apps. E-cycling is the only option for a really old phone.
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