Live Green and Earn Points


  • Mary W. 2 months ago
    I was raised in the city by parents who had come up on farms, so grew up with reusing, reducing, and composting. I practiced it and gave example to my children "back in the day" when it was not "cool"! When being good earth stewards moved into the limelight, my children knew all the right answers because they had seen it growing up! They are now teaching their children, at least to some extent (we're all in different situations!) to be aware and responsible. I'm glad I was taught such good habits when I was young, and continue to share with others that it doesn't have to be hard . . . and isn't when it becomes an automatic part of the way you operate. Thank you for continuing to teach these important basics!!
  • Connie L. 2 months ago
    We bought a house last July and I started composting in September. In just 4 months, compost was all ready to use in my new garden. I also visit Starbucks in the neighborhood and pick up used coffee grounds to add to my compost. Composting is now a way of life.
  • Katie K. 2 months ago
    Any veggy fruit or grain (I guess all but the meat bc the dogs take that.) We put in a bowel during the day and in the evening we add to our compost. Although I didn't know of the righ mixture. I do now. And oh yes the egg shells go to
  • Gina M. 5 months ago
    I love the organic products at my health store, but I wish they would not use sticky labels on them.
  • Julia P. 5 months ago
    Another source of organic waste is cat litter. I use litter that is made from organic, degradable material (never use clay, which has a negative environmental effect in harvest and disposal) like corn or walnut shells. We put these in a dedicated compost for the pet waste and litter with some yard waste (leaves, grass clippings) to let it decompose for 2 years. Once decomposed it can be used on non-edible trees and plants. We live in a forest, so there are plenty of places to spread it. In the course of a year our two cats' litter waste fills up a large composter. It saves us having to haul it to the dump.
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