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This Fall, Take Stock Of Your Organic-Waste Habits

A big portion of what we put in the trash every day is compostable organic waste. Learn how you can turn your organic waste into a resource!

Updated On 09/11/2018 | Originally Published On 03/31/2015

Traditionally, September is a time to take stock and prepare for the colder months ahead. We’ve been doing it since the dawn of civilization! So this fall, we encourage you to take stock of your habits around organic-waste disposal.

Organic waste has been a reality for humans for millennia, and its proper management continues to be a major part of how we live successfully. However, many of us are removed from the realities of our collective organic waste, putting it in the garbage with other trash to be collected and trucked to some unseen place. But a growing number of people are choosing to take their organic waste into their own hands and are being rewarded with a valuable resource in return: Compost!

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compost organics and add one pound of compost to their soil each Summer day
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This Fall, Take Stock Of Your Organic-Waste Habits
Way to go! Got tips of your own about organic waste disposal? Share them in the comments below and help everyone get more savvy about sustainability.
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  • Kimberly or Chris S. 1 year ago
    can horse manure help citrus trees?
  • Stefani W. 1 year ago
    About 25 years ago my dad drilled holes in a garbage can with a locking lid. I use it to compost and easily mix the can up by rolling it around. Inexpensive compost bin.
  • Mary W. 1 year ago
    I was raised in the city by parents who had come up on farms, so grew up with reusing, reducing, and composting. I practiced it and gave example to my children "back in the day" when it was not "cool"! When being good earth stewards moved into the limelight, my children knew all the right answers because they had seen it growing up! They are now teaching their children, at least to some extent (we're all in different situations!) to be aware and responsible. I'm glad I was taught such good habits when I was young, and continue to share with others that it doesn't have to be hard . . . and isn't when it becomes an automatic part of the way you operate. Thank you for continuing to teach these important basics!!
  • Connie L. 1 year ago
    We bought a house last July and I started composting in September. In just 4 months, compost was all ready to use in my new garden. I also visit Starbucks in the neighborhood and pick up used coffee grounds to add to my compost. Composting is now a way of life.
  • Katie K. 1 year ago
    Any veggy fruit or grain (I guess all but the meat bc the dogs take that.) We put in a bowel during the day and in the evening we add to our compost. Although I didn't know of the righ mixture. I do now. And oh yes the egg shells go to
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