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This Fall, Take Stock Of Your Organic-Waste Habits 25

A big portion of what we put in the trash every day is compostable organic waste. Learn how you can turn your organic waste into a resource!

Updated On 09/11/2018 | Originally Published On 03/31/2015

Traditionally, September is a time to take stock and prepare for the colder months ahead. We’ve been doing it since the dawn of civilization! So this fall, we encourage you to take stock of your habits around organic-waste disposal.

Organic waste has been a reality for humans for millennia, and its proper management continues to be a major part of how we live successfully. However, many of us are removed from the realities of our collective organic waste, putting it in the garbage with other trash to be collected and trucked to some unseen place. But a growing number of people are choosing to take their organic waste into their own hands and are being rewarded with a valuable resource in return: Compost!

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members who
compost organics and add one pound of compost to their soil each Summer day
Complete this slideshow to find out what the impact would be.
This Fall, Take Stock Of Your Organic-Waste Habits
Way to go! Got tips of your own about organic waste disposal? Share them in the comments below and help everyone get more savvy about sustainability.
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  • Mary L. 4 days ago
    Love that you are doing this.
  • Sue T. 16 days ago
    I grind my egg shells in an old blender that I got at a thrift store specifically for this purpose. I then add it to my compost bin.
  • Joseph B. 20 days ago
    I started with small containers (with lids) on my kitchen counter. I empty this organic waste in my garden weekly. I save a lot on costly fertilizer.
  • Janet C. 23 days ago
    1. A colleague had a magnificent veg garden. He added compostable scraps straight to the garden beds & dug it in. 2. Coffee grounds, free from Starbucks, will keep fire ants away from compost bins.
  • Kathy Hausbach D. 25 days ago
    I have been composting for 2 years now I thought is would be hard to do, It really isn't just takes some time. I love it, I use it for my veggie garden.
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