Live Green and Earn Points


  • Gina M. 26 days ago
    I love the organic products at my health store, but I wish they would not use sticky labels on them.
  • Julia P. 1 month ago
    Another source of organic waste is cat litter. I use litter that is made from organic, degradable material (never use clay, which has a negative environmental effect in harvest and disposal) like corn or walnut shells. We put these in a dedicated compost for the pet waste and litter with some yard waste (leaves, grass clippings) to let it decompose for 2 years. Once decomposed it can be used on non-edible trees and plants. We live in a forest, so there are plenty of places to spread it. In the course of a year our two cats' litter waste fills up a large composter. It saves us having to haul it to the dump.
  • Mary L. 1 month ago
    Love that you are doing this.
  • Sue T. 2 months ago
    I grind my egg shells in an old blender that I got at a thrift store specifically for this purpose. I then add it to my compost bin.
  • Joseph B. 2 months ago
    I started with small containers (with lids) on my kitchen counter. I empty this organic waste in my garden weekly. I save a lot on costly fertilizer.
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