Live Green and Earn Points


  • Ka L. 21 days ago
    I think even the most polluted water can be recycled if it is evaporated, then only the h20 is separated from the waste, sort of similar to the idea of distillation, but passive.
  • Nancy B. 3 months ago
    I have been very careful not to waste water for years..I take what is called a G.I. Joe on to lather on to rinse..including my hair. Takes me 5 minutes at very most. Also don't flush toilet more than once or twice a day tops. Do dishes in pan-fill only half full of hot water..fill pan for rinsing dishes half full & only do dishes when pan is full..usually once a week at most.
  • Anne W. 6 months ago
    A previous owner of our house made the idiotic mistake of putting a charcoal grill inside a roofed screen room! When we moved in we could see the char marks on the ceiling. We got our handyman to pull out all the parts of the grill and turn it into a sink for me to use while taking care of our plants. He checked city regulations about use of gray water, told us what we could and could not put down the drain, and attached the drain to a hose leading to the garden.
  • Deb B. 9 months ago
    We got a showerhead that has a "button" to push in to stop MOST of the water flow. I use this while shampooing. Better yet would be to turn the water completely off, but sometimes that means the water comes out cold again. This button makes is easier for me to reduce my water use.
  • Ruth N. 9 months ago
    I always turn the water off while brushing my teeth.
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