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The Plastic Recycling Process 5

Your plastic bottle may come back as a fleece jacket. Here’s a look at how that happens. 

What plastics do you recycle regularly? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Crystal R. 27 days ago
    I recycle whenever possible. I save my aluminum cans and turn them in for cash! I save enough in a year from saving and picking them up off the ground and such to take a nice mini vacation!
  • Dori E. 1 month ago
    I recycle water bottles most
  • Beverly L. 1 month ago
    We've been recycling all of the acceptable materials for many years. I use reusable bags for most of my grocery shopping and return others to the bins at the stores for plastic bags. Loved taking my students on a field trip to a Resource Recovery Center. They saw first hand what happens to their recyclables which instilled a sense of responsibility to do their share in helping "Mother Earth."
  • Deborah W. 2 months ago
    I recycle as much as possible where plastic is concerned as well as metal, glass, cloth, cardboard or paper. Great process to learn about plastics.
  • Constance L. 3 months ago
    We recycle EVERYTHING. I've been shocked and horrified by the lack of recycling in both Indiana and Kentucky. I've reached out to try to share the rewards of the recycle bank and the benefits it offers to everyone that participates. I'm not in Kansas anymore.
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