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The Paper Recycling Process 30

By Recyclebank |
Learn about the various steps the paper products you love go through to be recycled.
What paper products do you love? Tell us all about them in the comments below!
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  • Abiana C. 5 minutes ago
    i love greeting cards!
  • Sydni S. 2 hours ago
    I have a lined box in the kitchen area, and use it to throw all my recyclables in. I even recycle old candle wax, to make new candles..and I recycle the rain water. I have 4, 55 gallon plastic (recycled soy sauce containers from a Chinese restaurant) barrels, that within an hour of a down pour...I WILL get 220 gallons of fresh rain water for the garden..and pool. If I was a "prepper" all I would have to do is add the special "pills" to the water to make it drinkable. I LOVE to recycle!!
  • Barbara B. 4 hours ago
    I recycle what few paper magazines I still get by sharing them with others. I use packing paper from boxes I receive for starting my outdoor cooking fires - and I NEVER throw away paper bags, I have a million uses for them! 'Better' recycled paper packaging and boxes I receive from my thrive and grubmarket orders are also re-used for shipping by either me or several friends who sell used items on ebay/amazon. I honestly can't remember buying boxes or packing material in many many years... and only throw it away if it is contaminated.
  • Barbara B. 4 hours ago
    GREAT video! Thanks!
  • Veronica S. 6 hours ago
    we always recycle all junk mail, notes, old homework, etc... kids helps a lot on the process
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