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The Paper Recycling Process 30

By Recyclebank |
Learn about the various steps the paper products you love go through to be recycled.
What paper products do you love? Tell us all about them in the comments below!
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  • Patrick M. 1 hour ago
    My wife and I use the Amazon Alexa app for our shopping lists. But the unit, download the app to your cell phone, then just tell Alexa to ad specific items to your shopping list. Go to the store and open your app to see what you have listed as needed items.
  • margie L. 4 days ago
    I often use junk mail for note-taking, especially for grocery lists, to do lists, and for drafting letters.
  • Margaret K. 5 days ago
    I use paper towels sparingly. Instead, I use kitchen towels for the kitchen. For messy spills from the cat & dog I have a rag box that includes squares cut from old cotton clothes.
  • Deb K. 6 days ago
    I would like to make paper at home.
    • Patrick M. 1 hour ago
      You will most likely use more energy than you would save doing this but it is fun and I have done it just to amuse the grand kids for a while.
  • Linda W. 7 days ago
    who doesn't love paper! Even as a kid, having paper to draw on, or write on or paint on, seemed like a wonderful pastime!
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