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The Paper Recycling Process 30

By Recyclebank |
Learn about the various steps the paper products you love go through to be recycled.
What paper products do you love? Tell us all about them in the comments below!
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  • Karen H. 4 days ago
    I love to scrapbook so the paper products that I use I try to make good use of. If I have scraps then I take them to my local library where I use a Ellison Dye machine to punch other shapes out that can either be used for scrapbooking, making cards or bulletin board decorations. If we have birthday party decorations left over from a party then I try to reuse them in my scrapbooking for the birthday photos. It is a great way to use and reuse a product and keep it out of a landfill. The bonus is that I will always remember the theme for a birthday party by using the decorations from it too. I even punch out paper ants, bugs, photo corners and other small things out of scraps. I don't need to waste a whole page for a tiny item that way.
  • Wendy C. 18 days ago
    i haven't bought paper towels for 4 years. Anything that's made from fabric that is in very good shape I send to charity. The rest I cut up for rags to use in the house, shop and where ever it's needed.
  • Marilyn N. 26 days ago
    i never thought how many things can be recycled i learned alot
  • JULIE T. 28 days ago
    paper cards
  • Laura L. 29 days ago
    I've given up so much paper both for the environmental issues and also for the ease of sorting and storage. Now I have only paper that I use to make collage cards and a very short selection of books that cannot be replac ed with online books.
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