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The Paper Recycling Process 30

By Recyclebank |
Learn about the various steps the paper products you love go through to be recycled.
What paper products do you love? Tell us all about them in the comments below!
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  • sharon d. 15 hours ago
    we live in the woods so recycling is very important, I can most of our vegetables, no metal cans to throw away, use leaves in compost
  • Marc C. 23 hours ago
    I love recycling! ......It's actually liberating! :)
  • Elizabeth D. 1 day ago
    I recycle junk mail, newspaper and ads, toilet paper rolls and hand paper rolls, and anything that is paper related.
  • Alexis W. 1 day ago
    I love recycling junk mail and unused newspapers and printed paper.
  • Kenya D. 2 days ago
    I love shredding all my credit card and loan offers. NO! keep away! Straight to the recycling bin.
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