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The Origins of Plastics

You don’t need to remember the difference between covalent and ionic bonds to understand the chemistry behind plastics. We’ll simplify it for you.

If the
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recycle #1 plastics instead of sending them to the landfill
Complete this slideshow to find out what the impact would be.
The Origins of Plastics
See, that wasn’t so tough! Do you have any more questions about the process? Let us know in the comments below and see if someone in the community can throw you a lifeline.
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  • Laurie N. 2 years ago
    Why do they stop giving a choice for plastic bags . just go back to paper or reusable cloth bags?
  • Laurie N. 2 years ago
    Why don't all state pay for recycling bottles and cans?
  • Heather E. 4 years ago
    If a plastic is put in curbside bin that is not acceptable, what then happens to it?
  • Romaine S. 4 years ago
    Can you always reuse plastic, as long as it's the right type? Does anything make plastic not able to be reused for a new product?
  • Ruth N. 4 years ago
    After watching the slide presentation The Origins of Plastic,I think it would be fun to make new products out of old.
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