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The Origins of Glass

You probably use this material in some way every day, but have you ever stopped and wondered where it comes from? Learn the story of glass!

Updated On 03/05/2018 | Originally Published On 08/20/2015

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The main ingredient in recycled glass is called “cullet” and it’s made from broken or crushed glass.
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From the ingredients used to make glass products to the ways that all of those elements come together, we’ll show you how glass gets from its natural sources to the factory to the store with this short quiz.

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  • Cindy H. 1 year ago
    I collect vintage glassware and do not purchase much new glassware to use in my home. And if something breaks, I always find a new use for it. I am 70.
  • Tammy Reynolds L. 2 years ago
    I recently learned about a new look for glass. To get a sea glass look; mix liquid Elmer's glue with a few drops of food coloring. Paint onto the glass and let dry. I did this with a dull vase and it looks beautiful. I did one in blue and one in green.
  • Nadine C. 2 years ago
    I put decorative stones in the bottom, add water, and put flowers from my garden in. This is a nice surprise for the office staff at schools.
  • vernyce d. 2 years ago
    i share then w/other assemblage artists who use them as "files" for their materials!
  • DOROTHEA C. 2 years ago
    I recover my old mayo , salsa , pickle jars even beer bottles by crocheting over them in colors to match my friends & families bath/office /kitchen even my niece's bedroom I just covered baby jars and small med. & large pickle jars pink & white so she could put her cosmetics and brushes in them .I love to repurpose any thing I can and to give as a gift and save money too is an XTRA BONUS!
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