Live Green and Earn Points


  • Glenda F. 1 year ago
    I would like to see more affordable options in solar power.
  • Deme W. 2 years ago
    I believe in renewable energy solar panels and wind power is my friends. And that's why we do have a home in Germany as well with the same solar panels and hydro wind power
  • Donna P. 3 years ago
    My brother is an engineer, so I talk with him about renewable energy all the time, and he has come up with a method of power plants saving 10% more in terms of recycling their energy. Pretty cool stuff.
  • Enidia M. 3 years ago
  • cheryl n. 3 years ago
    We have a large window in our living room ,it faces south so we get lots of natural heat from the blinds being open in cool/cold times of the year.It helps keep the cost of heating down so much.
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