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The Limits Of Recycled Paper 35

Check out this slideshow to get a better sense of how paper fibers break down during the recycling process and why it matters.

The Limits Of Recycled Paper
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  • stephanie d. 33 minutes ago
    I am feeling recharged.
  • Emelia J. 1 day ago
    My boyfriend and I always try to do our best at recycling and reusing. We have a compost bin from the city (an old trash can with the bottom cut off) and it makes the best soil. We have built two very large planters and are growing our own veggies and herbs, plus fun flowers :) Everyone should just do a little and it will add up to a lot, even if it doesn't seem like it.
  • ivor s. 1 day ago
    I didn't know paper eventually breaks down completely and I will be more aware when I purchase products now.
  • Gail W. 1 day ago
    I will remember that paper fibers get shorter each time of reuse up to 7 times. I wil work harder to recycle. Never knew I could recycle the pizza box if the greasy part was removed.
  • Ignacio F. 2 days ago
    very interesting and informative.
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