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The Limits Of Recycled Paper 35

Check out this slideshow to get a better sense of how paper fibers break down during the recycling process and why it matters.

The Limits Of Recycled Paper
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  • gwendolyn w. 2 days ago
    Wonderful information.
  • Anna P. 12 days ago
    Wow, I had no clue that paper could only be recycled a certain number of times...
  • Heather B. 13 days ago
    Interesting post. I am a graphic designer and I coupon. Using paper is good...ever heard of green speak? It actually takes more energy, resources, and water to have your bill -e mailed.

    As a graphic designer I think its important for people to know that paper is good and when harvested sustainably and designed responsibly and the public recycles its a good thing...better than using more resources for a new computer.
  • Patricia N. 1 month ago
    I used to print out a bunch of coupons, not any more. Now I download them to my phone whenever possible. If I do have to print, I make sure it is a coupon that I will definitely use.
  • Delia C. 1 month ago
    I try not to print out from my computer but when I can, I choose double-sided printing.
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