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The Impact Of Recycling: Making A Daily Difference

From milk jugs to toilet paper rolls, your recycling really adds up. See the impact.

An earlier version of this post was published on 01/28/2015.

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This post, published on 01/28/2016, has been fully updated from an earlier version to reflect current information. An earlier version of this post was published on 01/28/2015; you can view it here.

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  • Charles H. 4 years ago
    I didn't realize how big the recycling industry is.
  • Deborah W. 5 years ago
    Major importance for everyone - more information needs to be provided when recycling bins are distributed.
  • Eileen B. 5 years ago
    Clothing not fit to donate, but made of cotton, used to be picked up by a rag collector, who sold it to paper manufacturers. Some of the thrift stores saved clothing not fit to be sold for the rag man.
  • Tammy B. 5 years ago
    I love everything about recycling! The effort makes me live a much more conscious life during the hours of my days and that feels great!! I'm more connected to my food, family, friends, and environment through the simple act of caring enough to pay attention to the waste I create and seeking creative ways to lessen it. It has become a challenge to see how little I can have in my garbage cart at the end of the week as opposed to how full my compost and recycling carts are. Just today I was saying how recycling, composting and waste reduction make me feel so much more appreciative of what those in earlier days did to care for the planet.
  • LaVonne F. 5 years ago
    We always have more 2 times more recycles to pick up then 'garbage', even though we try to minimize the packaging waste in our purchases - makes me feel good to minimize our contribution to the ever growing landfill.
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