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The Impact Of Organic Waste 5

Learn why responsible disposal can help food and yard waste reach their full potential.

How do you reduce the amount of food and yard waste you create? Share your tips in the comments below!

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  • Debra T. 2 months ago
    Like to bury my kitchen scraps in my garden to enrich the soil in this natural composting way.
  • Tabatha K. 5 months ago
    I sometimes get confused on what and when to use disposal.
  • Mary Ann P. 5 months ago
    I minimize food waste as much as possible, but wonder when to use the disposal and when to trash.
  • Rose S. 9 months ago
    Can fans be recycled?
  • Karen K. 9 months ago
    I laughed at the part where they compared food waster to wasted quarter-pounders. One of the sad facts of the fast-food industries, all of them, is that they are REQUIRED to waste a certain amount an hour. They must make 'x' amount of hamburger patties per [time frame]. Never mind if they don't sell that many. A company official snoops around to make sure the standards are getting met. Conversely, the finished products are only allowed to sit around for (I think, one of my friends worked for fast-food, I didn't) 20 minutes. Waste? What waste? That's company standards, keeping the food fresh, not waste... We need to cut down on those statistics, too! Just think: [Fill in your favorite fast-food hamburger joint] could send 'x' basic hamburgers to the local charity food place [that serves 1-3 meals a day] and write it off as a charitable contribution--and cut way down on the waste problem at the same time.
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