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The Glass Recovery Process

How does glass recover from being collected and shattered? Here’s your chance to find out.

The Glass Recovery Process
Great work! We want to hear from you: Does your hauler accept glass for recycling? If not, let us know how you reuse it in the comments below.
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  • Catherine M. 1 year ago
    So far, yes - but there's talk that it will be discontinued! :(
  • Rhonda N. 1 year ago
    No longer able to recycle glass containers, but seldom to never buy products in glass anymore. Not sure what the reason was that they stopped accepting glass in the provided bags even.
  • Lawra A. 2 years ago
    I never realized how my recycling center sorts the material! Pretty cool!
  • Valentine C. 2 years ago
    Target stores have a glass recycling bin! My hauler stopped accepting glass and I'm so glad I found this substitute. I sometimes shop at Target so I just need to remember to bring my glass bottles like I do my reusable shopping bags.
  • Tina M. 2 years ago
    No, the closest recycling center is 30 minutes from me..
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