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The Dollars And (Common) Sense Behind Glass Recycling

Learn even more about the economic challenges of recycling glass.

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Glass must be sorted by color at a MRF, and it’s hard to do with broken glass in the mix! Machines that separate glass without breakage are costly.
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Why can it be difficult for communities to make money by recycling glass? Check out this short quiz to find out what line items end up increasing the size of the bill.

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  • Heather P. 4 years ago
    Use glass jars to hold grease after cooking and to collect loose change.
  • Barbara K. 4 years ago
    Glass jars can be used to keep your homemade sauces by simply cleaning and reusing just like canning jars.
  • Ginnie B. 4 years ago
    I am trying to figure out ways to use glass bottles and jars!!
  • Janet A. 4 years ago
    I use glass jars bottles for loads for things from candles holders to storing food.
  • Marc C. 4 years ago
    I'm still amazed by just how many cans & bottles I still see laying around in parking lots, in the gutters, & streets!....It makes me CRINGE!!! :( I try to pick them up to recycle them when I see them. :)
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