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The Confusing Things About Plastic Recycling

If you think the rules around recycling certain types of plastic are kind of tough, we don’t blame you. But we are here to help! 

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recycle their plastic grocery bags instead of sending them to the landfill
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Plastic films like grocery bags can get recycled if you drop them off at certain locations, but you shouldn’t put them in your recycling cart.
When it comes to plastic products, it’s not just RIC numbers that matter: Size and shape do, too.
The only fail-proof way to make sure you’re disposing of all plastics correctly is to contact your city or hauler.
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Nice work! This was a tricky one, and we’re glad you took the time to complete it. Are you ever confused by anything else when it comes to recycling plastics? Share you thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Keeping plastic out of landfills is a priority for both environmental and economic reasons, but the variety of plastics and recycling programs across the country mean there are few hard-and-fast rules. We’ll walk you through a few important things to look into before recycling plastic, and why.  

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  • Lori R. 4 years ago
    I was so happy when our town started recycling. Our kids really got into it. Recycling gets picked up every Friday with the trash and that is great because we always have so much. The town provides a container the size of the large rolling trash can for recycling. We generally have it full to over flowing. My youngest son is always reminding his dad about putting things into the recycling instead of the trash by telling him that he needs a planet to live on when he grows up!
  • Margie G. 4 years ago
    I reuse the plastic that holds bread for anything I would use a plastic storage bag for. I've reduced the number of storage bags I've had to purchase and I love that the bag gets another life.
  • Larry B. 4 years ago
    It is hard to read the white text on a light background
  • Holley N. 4 years ago
    I have learned alot about recycling.
  • Melanie A. 4 years ago
    I love that we have recycling in our neighborhood, however they only pick up every two weeks and trash every week, however for years now I could do that the exact opposite with recycling being every week and trash every two weeks!! I think if all my neighbors would recycle that would be great
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